Updates and new developments to keep you informed from your friends at Kitsilano Smiles!

A Glimpse into Your Future

October 3, 2023

Back in the day, if dentists and orthodontists wanted a comprehensive 3D model of your teeth, you had to open very, very wide. The procedure involved filling mouth-sized trays with goopy, plasticky cement which would slide into your mouth and then remain for several minutes as the mold was set. With luck, the goop didn’t…

Laser Dentistry — A Gentler Alternative

September 25, 2023

The future of dentistry has arrived at Kitsilano Smiles with the addition of our new Solea dental laser. Solea is an advanced new dental laser technology that is virtually replacing the needle, drill, and scalpel in the dental office. Solea can accommodate patients of all ages and procedures of all kinds—without the need for anesthetic…

Meet Bella!

September 20, 2023

Our newest member of the Kitsilano Smiles team is also our furriest. Bella is a Leonberger puppy who came to us in April, and frequently visits our office. She is friendly, gentle, and a joy to have around, quietly napping and sometimes rousing herself to greet patients. Although still a puppy, Bella is very unassertive…